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  Grand Prix Latest Results ----> here

GR8 Event's - Ellerton Lake - 7th August 2016
There were three events held at Ellerton Lake last weekend, an Iron Challenge Open Water Swim, an Aqua Cycle and a Sprint Triathlon, we had a few members out representing the tri club in the swim and sprint events, In the Iron Challenge Swim 1900 meters we had Helen Duncan, in the 3800 meters we had Gill Hale and Gary Dearlove and in the sprint triathlon Tricia Bell led the way for Cleveland Triathlon Club (2nd Lady), followed by Kath Blakey (3rd lady), also taking part were Jonathon Brown, Angela Ackerley, Gareth Roberts and Richard Hatfield. Well done to all of you. added 08-08-16




Redcar Sprint Triathlon - 31st July 2016
Lovely day to be beside the seaside, well done to all our members that braved the rather choppy north sea to complete this spectator friendly event. Paige Mcleod finished 1st youth in 01:33:08, Kay Stokes was 1st Vet50 in 01:24:25, Doug Harris was 2nd Vet60 in 01:34:53 and Steven King was in the winning relay with a time of 01:19:14. Scott Young, (ahem) Jonathan Paul McGough Skidmore, Peter Ball, Andrew Petford also represent the tri club. P.S the new kits looked fantastic, well done Kris Wadrop. added 31-07-16

Cleveland Steelman
Here are the finalised results. Here are the results in BTF category order.
Well done to everyone that competed in the event, the weather was warm but cloud cover on the run was probably a relief to most. As always thank you to all the marshals and helper who gave up their free time to help and thank you to Sandra Main for organizing the event.
Our quickest finishers were understandably the "Dream Team" a relay team made up of Paige Mcleod, Richard Lilleker and Chris Palin, they finished in a super quick time of 04:20:39 which unbelievable only put them 2nd overall (standards were high this year), next home we have Jeff Belt in a time of 04:43:06 4th Vet40, then Paul McGough in 05:05:26, another team were next which comprised Kate Sunley on the swim, Kay Stokes on the bike and Lisa Thwaites on the run (I shall name them the dolly birds) they finished in 05:39:05, closely followed by Kath Blakey taking a step away from the shorter events to mark her 30th year in triathlon and doing a great job finishing in 05:45:33 2nd Vet50, Angela Ackerley was next home doing a warm down from her Ironman and picking up 2nd Vet 40 in 05:53:52, Paul Oyston and Alan Johnson were next finishing in 06:03:40 and 06:34:08 respectively, our newly recruited member Yvonne Storey finished in 06:19:58, then finally we had Peter Ball who did an epic sprint finish, his time was 08:06:33.
Sports Sunday were at the event taking photo's there is a link from the Facebook page or google them. updated 31-07-16

Grand Prix
We are not quite half way through the season but many of you have made your mark in this years’ series.  Graeme Downs is leading the men followed by David Cole courtesy of his recent triumph at the Lakesman (ironman) event.  The evergreen Tony Main is in third place followed by new boy John Sharkey.  However the really big scores are in the ladies series where Tricia Bell is sweeping all before her. 
The scores so far can be seen here.  It is all likely to change again due to the many events that are taking place over the next few weeks. added 19-07-16

A Day In The Lakes - 26th June 2016 - Pooley Bridge
This year saw an addition of a shorter race as well as the annual longer distance event and our very own Tricia Bell was there to test the course, it must have been good one as she managed 1st V60 and 3rd lady overall. Well done Tricia you continue to do us all proud.
In the long race it looks like Jen Milsom took the easy option this year and completed the race rather than the race organising, she finshed 5th V40, well done Jen. added 30-06-16

Ironman Austria 2016
Cleveland Triathlon Club is proud to boast yet another Ironman (well woman), Angela Ackerley completed Ironman Austria on Sunday, her first Ironman distance event, in a fantastic time of 12:13:32. Well done Angela. added 28-06-16

Lakesman Triathlon
A massive well done to Dave Cole who represented Cleveland Tri Club at the inaugural Lakesman Triathlon; an Ironman distance event held in Keswick. He finished in an outstanding time of 9 hours 36 minutes, (I very much doubt it was flat!) which put him 4th overall and 2nd in his category. added 24-06-16

Cleveland Short Course - UPDATED RESULTS
Well done to everyone who took part in Sunday's Short Course Triathlon. Thank you to the marshals who gave up their time to come and help out and thank you to Jonathan Skidmore for organizing it. The results are now complete and you can access them via the results page. An extra well done to Tricia Bell for winning her age group V60 and Ruth Thompson for 3rd place in V40. updated 22-06-16

  Cleveland Junior Duathlon - RESULTS HERE
Yesterdays Cleveland Duathlon, saw great performances from all the Children taking part.
The weather was kind to us, and my Marshals were Fab ( could not do the event with out them )
A few of the children, need to be told " Not to Throw there Helmets !! " and even though we adjusted the distances to suit the time we had available, the run outside the cycle track was a great success.
Our Cleveland Tri Club Juniors, all had good races, with Thomas Wilson, picking up a 3rd Place as a   TriStart.
Tri Star 1 , saw Matthew, Aiden, Harry and ( not giving up ) Billy, finished 8th,9th,12th & 15th respectively, and Tri Star 3 , Holden finishing 8th.
Thanks to Amanda McGough for administoring first aid to a casulty of the quick dismount ! Hope Ivor has a speedy recovery.
Again, thanks to all my marshals, special thanks to my time keepers Dick & Linda, and masive thanks to our Gold Medal National Duathlon winner ( and race referee ) Sandra Main, for giving out the throphies.
Will have to sleep on it, if I am doing it again next year !!
Thanks, Amanda Waller (Race Organiser) added 22-05-16

Evening Gazette Article
For anyone that missed it in the paper, here is the article out of the Gazette about our junior section. added 16-05-16

Sprint Triathlon on Film
Due to the wonders of modern technology here is a link to our finish line camera. added 16-05-16


Cleveland Sprint Triathlon
Perfect conditions this morning for this years Cleveland Sprint Triathlon, our members were out in force picking up prizes.
Paige Mcleod was 2nd JF, Sam Syson was 2nd J/M, Kath Blakey was 1st V50 and 3rd overall, Tricia Bell was 1st V60, Sandra Main was 3rd V60 and Tony Main was 1st V60. Well done to all our members that took part, far too many to list!
Here are the results in full
As always thanks to Kath Blakey and her glamorous assistant this year Richard Hatfield for the organization, and thank you to all the marshals who gave u their time to come and help. updated 08-06-16

Ironman Mallorca 70.3 - 7th May - Alcudia
Angela Ackerley was one of the 3,500 competitors who lined up for this half Ironman distance event in sunny Mallorca, fortunately the weather took a turn for the worst and rained all day making it a more familiar climate to Angela enabling her to complete the event in an outstanding time of 6 hours and 2 minutes, knocking a whopping 4 minutes of her half Ironman run PB. Angela finished 14th in her age, well done! added 11-05-16

  Changes to BTF rules
Please click on the link to see a summary of the BTF rules that have changed for 2016, you all need to be aware of these rules before competing. added 06-01-16

  The Grand Prix 2016 NEW Rules - ** UPDATE: the provisional list of events is now on the link below, if the 2016 date was unknown the 2015 date has been added - check the dates before entering! **

At the annual general meeting we discussed some proposed changes to the grand prix series and we have developed the following revised rules:

    • Points are awarded on the basis of your finishing time with respect to the winning time both male and female. 
    • Most events will be scored out of 100, but ironman events will be scored out of 200, and super sprint races scored out of 90.  If there is more than one race at the same event then the long race will be scored out of 100 and the points available for the other races will be reduced.  A list of races and the points available can be found here.
    • The events in the grand prix series are intended to be local although we traditionally include Helvellyn and other events in the Lake District.  The ironman does not have to be local or even in the UK.  All we ask is that you enter as a member of Cleveland Triathlon Club and you provide details of the race and the results.
    • Other events will be considered for inclusion in the series but we would expect it to be local and sanctioned by Triathlon England.
    • Your best five results in the season count towards your final score.  The top three in each age group will qualify for prizes that are usually awarded at the AGM. 
    • To qualify for a prize you must have completed a minimum of three events. updated 16-02-16

  IMPORTANT: Club Membership
Now the membership is up and running can you all make sure you have renewed your membership, to continue to receive subsidized swimming sessions. Please also make sure that you have the correct e-mail address and phone number in case we need to contact you about pool closures etc.
It is a condition of membership within Cleveland Triathlon Club that ALL members marshal one of our events. Year after year it is the same people turning up to help, many of whom are not even club members. We would appreciate that once you have made your selection for the event you are willing to marshal you honor that commitment. Please be considerate to the event organisers who already have a hard enough job to do with out being let down at the last minute.
The cost of membership and entry fee's for events are kept low because of voluntary helpers, if we have to start paying for marshals the membership and event entry fees will increase.



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